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We Live in the Community We Serve

Home & Land Development Corporation (Home & Land) began building in the Monmouth County area in 2002. Committed to excellence in the two spheres that matter most to you as the homeowner; the quality of the construction/renovation of your home and our responsiveness to your unique tastes and personal needs, Home & Land has become one of the county’s leading builders of single family homes, townhomes, and commercial buildings. Our goal is to build and renovate the home of your dreams while eliminating the stress that so often accompanies such a large undertaking. Our professional architects and design teams will assist you all the way through the process. Meet with one of our several architects, engineers, kitchen designers, tile/marble/granite professionals, lighting specialists, and landscape artists to ensure that your custom home/renovation turns out exactly the way you envisioned it…perfect and uniquely yours!


Amazing Customer Experience

Charles Farkouh, Home & Land’s president, personally oversees all aspects of every construction project. i.e. you’re never pushed off to a 3rd party project manager. From inception to completion, Charlie’s available 24/7 to his clients. Moreover, he oversees every order for every product used in your home, thus ensuring you get the best prices available. No detail is too small to garner his attention from the brand of nails used in your decking to your custom–ordered selections. Local to the Rumson area, Charlie is rarely ever more than 15 minutes away and can and will, with the aid of his staff, address your needs promptly and efficiently.  Always courteous and responsive, our team is there to make your experience a pleasant and memorable one, whether you are renovating, planning an addition, or building from scratch. With care and precision, we will address your every need; providing you with an unrivaled, personalized, home-building experience. Whether you have plans of your own or would like to choose/modify one of our existing designs, we will incorporate your unique style and preferences into the construction process so that your home reflects your personality, lifestyle and family’s needs!

Go Team

Quality Construction

Dedication to the highest quality in construction is evident in our custom craftsmanship of moldings, coffered ceilings and niches; our knowledge and use of the latest innovations in technology, kitchen appliances and countertop materials; and our use of the most energy efficient HVAC systems, insulation materials, Eco Wood (fire-resistant framing materials), radiant electric systems, and Rani tank-less hot water heaters. Given the vast number of products available in the home-building industry, the education of our clients about the products being used in their homes is very important to us. Ensuring you know as much about your home as we do, we provide you with an amenities list detailing many of the products proposed for your home. Next to each product is a related website address so that you can keep up-to-date anywhere, anytime!


We Build Homes & Relationships

Having built and renovated numerous homes in the area, we pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, as well as productive relationships with local suppliers and municipalities. We’ve accomplished that by attention to detail and delivering value.   You work hard for your money and so you deserve to get the most out of it.

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